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Facility Operations Limited offers Personalised Professional service to their clients in the following areas:

  • Building Warrant of Fitness maintenance systems and IQP Reports
  • Safe & Sanitary Reports
  • Pre Purchase Inspections and Reports
  • Due Diligence to Commercial property
  • Building Act and Building Consents
  • Resource Management Act and Resource Consents
  • Health and Safety In Employment (HASE) systems and Audits

Visit our Services page to obtain detailed information on your area of interest.

About Us

Facility Operations Limited was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 1993 and has been steadily building on our range of services from that time.

We are a small company that allows us to keep our overheads down and provide our services at very competitive rates. We have a large number of contacts in the business and minimise costs by utilising these specialist services as and when required.

Brian has over 30 years of "hands on" experience in construction and property management and his qualifications include all building qualifications up to Advanced Trade, New Zealand Certificate in Building (NZCB) and Diploma in Business Management (Operations) from Auckland University.


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